Control food cravings & reclaim your energy



I'm always thinking about your next meal... 

(so that you don't have to!)


Hi, I'm Michele, I'm passionate about real food and fresh ingredients and it's my mission to introduce you to healthy meals that make you feel amazing. 

I created my 8 Week Real Food Reset Program to help you get your energy back & banish food cravings just by eating simple tasty food. 



How many of these symptoms do you have?

Exhausted ALL the time?


Addicted to sweet sugary foods? 
Suffer from bloating & digestive issues?
Food cravings out of control? 
Food Intolerances
Afternoon energy slumps? 
Stuck in a ready meals & takeaway rut?
Always dieting but struggle to lose weight?
Existing health issues?
Diabetes? Auto-immune?


Always hungry despite constantly eating? 
Catch every cold going? poor immune health?
Mood swings, irritability & mental health issues

These symptoms are associated with hormone imbalance & poor gut health

Hormone & gut imbalances...


All the hidden additives and chemicals used in food processing can wreak havoc on our hormones and disrupt our endocrine system, leading to some of the issues above.  Do you ever wonder what's in your food? or what the packaging has been sprayed with?  the food label may have a picture of a farmer on it but that doesn't mean it's from a farm... food companies just want to sell products.    All of my meal plans support hormone health.

Gut Health

Think of your gut (microbiome) as the central hub of your body.  It's required for every pathway, signal, process, and chemical reaction that happens within the body.   When the gut has an imbalance that usually means the rest of our body is probably feeling it too (see the list of symptoms above).   Our gut health can be affected by poor diet, toxins & stress... the good news is that it's simple to improve our gut health with a few changes to the food we eat... 

My own toxic food story


My wake-up call happened at the age of 30, when I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and pre-diabetes.  Until then, I had no idea what the 'healthy' foods I was choosing were doing to me.    In reality, I was stressed out, knackered and rapidly gaining weight and my 'healthy' choices were only making things worse.   

Faced with a lifetime of medication and a bland 'health food' diet list... I took matters into my own hands!  Being a total foodie who loves to cook, I knew I could make healthy food delicious...

So I learned about nutrition so I could understand how to turn my favourite recipes into nourishing, healing food and after a complete overhaul of my diet, I managed to reverse my condition.   I've since retrained as a Nutrition Coach and now I help others clean up their eating habits so they can feel Amazing too. 

(let's get real for a minute, this doesn't mean I don't eat pizza or cake, life is all about balance after all...)

Also, sometimes you just need Cake...


With so many conflicting health reports it's no wonder we're all a bit confused about what we should and shouldn't be eating.  And did you know, diet-related disease is now one of the largest causes of preventable death... let that truth-bomb sink in for a minute. 




Why my clients no longer feel exhausted...


We all want to have the energy to handle whatever life throws at us but to do that, we need to eat the right foods to fuel our bodies and give us energy.

The problem is we often crave foods that not only lack nutrients, but also contain harmful additives and weird ingredients that leave us nutrient depleted, sugar addicted and very very tired.

If your diet is sapping your 'get up and go' and leaving you exhausted, you won't have the energy to enjoy life.

I understand that when life gets busy it's easy to slip into poor eating habits, snacking on biscuits, eating one too many ready meals or takeaways and sometimes it just feels like too much of an effort to make a change, no matter how much you want to.


I believe the food we eat should make us happy and give us energy whilst not stressing us out in the process.  This is why I created the easy to follow Real Food Reset program, it contains everything you need to reclaim your energy and overcome food cravings.




feeding our gut-bugs can make a huge improvement to the way we feel. 

find out how in my new book