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Tailored cookery lessons in your kitchen or mine, I can help you to cook and eat healthy delicious food... no matter how fussy your eaters are!


I'm Michele

Obsessed with Food for 40 years...

Nutrition Coach & Foodie...

​Love's Kitchen was born from my passion for real food, food made from fresh ingredients, food that doesn't come in a packet.     I didn't learn to cook until I was 27,  now I'm passionate about everyone learning to cook for themselves for optimum health.  

Healthy food shouldn't be bland or restrictive and it definitely shouldn't resemble 'rabbit food' -  luckily 

my studies in nutrition allow me to develop the tastiest recipes that are also  super healthy - check out my insta pix and see for yourself.

I offer one to one tailored cookery lessons in your kitchen or mine, as well as regular workshops and events.


If, like me, you are always thinking about your next meal, you can join our tribe of healthy foodies 'Spoon Lickers Club'  here.​

I live near London with my husband (chief spoon-licker), three children and what feels like ten thousand cookery books...​​   

Want to eat healthy

but don't want to eat 'rabbit food'??   

Let me show you how to make healthy taste delicious!


Congratulations! You're on your way to a healthier new You!

What People Say

Michele is great at imparting her wisdom with tact and humour.  I have repeatedly made  the recipes I learned during my course.   If I've been short of an ingredient , I have successfully adapted the recipes, because thanks to Michele's thorough tutorial, I feel confident to do that.  Looking forward to my next lesson!  

MSH  -  2018

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