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It starts with food...

We all want to have the energy to handle whatever life throws at us but to do that, we need to eat the right nutrients to fuel our bodies.  With so many conflicting stories about what to eat, its no wonder we're all a bit confused (not to mention the growing number of people suffering from food intolerances). 

We are bombarded by processed foods 24/7, all chemically designed to keep us addicted and craving more...  The problem is, these foods are also messing with our gut and hormone balance in the process, causing immeasurable damage to our health. 

Even the 'healthy' choices on the shelves are making us sick... (I'm proof of that, read more about my story here). 

I'm passionate about real food and by that I mean fresh ingredients, close to their natural state and not heavily processed.   Food with less than a couple of ingredients on the label.

I'm Michele, a forty-something mum partial to gin cocktails, old movies... and using way more garlic than the recipe asked for... and it's my mission to show you how simple it can be to use food to feel your best, so that you can enjoy your life.




Clever kitchen hacks for an easy life!


Knowing what to eat is only the first step, throw in food intolerances, fussy eaters and a busy schedule and eating healthily can seem an impossible task.

Whatever obstacles you're up against, I have tried and tested solutions for pretty much everything.

Whether you love cooking, hate it or just can't do it, I use clever kitchen hacks to make it easy for you to eat well.

Mealtimes should be enjoyable and fun, not a cause of stress and arguments.

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The reset program is just what I needed!  Simple honest guidance on how to make healthier food choices. I loved that the course was long enough for the changes to become ingrained and sustainable - I'm now eating healthier and meal planning and an added bonus, I am down nearly a stone in weight!


Week 6 of the Reset Program and I can recommend it thoroughly! Digestive issues sorted and half a stone dropped, I would never have achieved this on my own!


Nutritional support and advice for anyone wanting to take the leap into a healthier lifestyle but might feel overwhelmed going it alone.

Michele has an abundance of knowledge and recipes to share. I couldn’t have made the leap into a plant based diet on my own, this 8 week reset was perfect to help me start and maintain healthier eating habits.