Cocktail Blini Pancake Recipe

guthealth recipe Jan 15, 2020
loves kitchen pancake cocktail blini recipe
Makes at least 20
150g Flour (any kind, self-raising gives thicker blinis)
1 egg / 1 Chia Egg*
150ml milk (any kind)
Olive or coconut oil (I use a light olive oil spray)
* 1 Chia Egg = 1 tbsp Chia Seeds mixed with 2.5 tbsp water and leave for 10 minutes til thickened.
Mix the ingredients in a bowl with a whisk (you can use a hand mixer too), until combined.  You want a yogurt like consistency.
Rub a little olive oil onto a non stick pan and wipe off with kitchen towel (or use a spray bottle).  Heat the frying pan until hot, then turn to medium heat. 
Spoon large teaspoons of the batter into the hot pan, forming small circles. I do about 6 at a time. Bubbles will appear on the surface of the blini as it cooks, wait until it looks almost solid around the edge (about 90 seconds) and flip over with a spatula.
Can be kept wrapped in the fridge for a couple of days or in the freezer for a month.
Pictured:  served with my Chunky Guacamole, topped with Golden Kraut (Laurie's Tummy Loving Foods ) taken from my Gut Health Cookery Workshop 'Probiotic Kitchen.  Watch my video on how to make them here!

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