Elevated Chocolate Adventures in Bali

chocolate love's kitchen Mar 06, 2020
Raw Vegan Chocolate Love's Kitchen in Bali
Three days in Bali was unfortunately not long enough to visit all the foodie places on my wishlist, however, I did manage to visit number one on my list! which was Elevated Cacao in Ubud.
Elevated Cacao caught my eye on Instagram a while back, I have an interest in raw vegan chocolate and just loved what they were doing. I contacted Paul (pictured) and was invited to pop in to see the operation. I was expecting an enormous factory setting, how wrong I was! They are based in an inviting but small industrial kitchen set among a residential area in the town of Ubud.
I love the whole ethos of this company,
" it isn't just about adding superfoods to our chocolate,  it's about so much more. We elevate ourselves, our company, and our community by sourcing quality, local, and ethical ingredients wherever possible' many of which are sourced locally in Bali.
The chocolate making process is pretty special too. I've made raw vegan chocolate at home quite a bit and this is isn't even in the same arena, it's next level times a million! Paul ferments the cacao beans before they are stoneground (not roasted, as it's important to retain the health benefits and unique flavour of raw cacao). The chocolate gets tempered so that it is stable at room temperature, most other raw chocolate needs to be kept refrigerated. This gave me a great excuse to buy lots of it to bring home!
At the moment this deliciousness is only available in Indonesia, however if you want to get your hands on some, you can add your name on their website for when they launch international shipping... I recommend... well, everything!
I was lucky enough to have a private tasting and tried all of the flavours on offer including 'bangin beans' (chocolate coated raw cacao beans) and 'crackin clusters' (sweet & salty raw cacao nibs). Of the bar varieties, my favourites were Acai + Berry and Goji + Mandarin, however the Chilli Kick was also very special...
Paul runs masterclasses in chocolate (which are on my wishlist and I will get to do one day and hopefully be able to offer you a Love's Kitchen collaboration!)
Check them out here: https://www.elevatedcacao.com/

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