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love's kitchen Nov 15, 2019
Love's Kitchen Making Healthy Delicious
Love's Kitchen started life as an Instagram account, I'm one of those annoying people who regularly post photos of my dinner on social media (sigh...) and following a lot of comments from friends about my food photo 'spamming', I decided that I would start a separate account for my foodie obsessions, wasn't sure what to call it, it ended up being Love's Kitchen.
This was about the same time that other people who knew me started to request my recipes for things that I had made as well as asking for me to teach them how to cook my dishes, in particular, my salads...
Over the years I've had a few health issues and while the GP solution to everything is medication, I believe that food and lifestyle can be powerful medicine too.
In order to understand how food can be used to heal, I also embarked upon a Diploma in Applied Nutrition with the SANO School of Culinary Medicine in London. This turned into becoming a certified Nutrition Coach. Which is where I am now.
My passion is for cookery and being in the kitchen 'doing'. I believe that healthy food should be delicious, not 'rabbit food' as so many people would have us believe!
Let me help you make healthy delicious!
I run an 8 Week REAL FOOD RESET which helps people wanting to make lasting lifestyle changes to improve their eating habits.    Before Covid-19 came along I used to run group workshops and give private cookery lessons...hopefully I'll get back to that soon!   
I also work with clients who have specific dietary requirements or health issues, to develop recipes and meal plans that work for them and their lifestyle.

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